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Econel 230R S1

PRIMERGY Econel 200

Dual-Core performance combined with economy features

For datacenters where high performance combined with memory addressability and entry price level is key. The cost-efficient PRIMERGY Econel 230R S1 extends the PRIMERGY RACK portfolio and focuses rather on basic than on standard feature set in comparison to RX330 S1.
Econel 230R S1 is offering enough local storage capacity to be used as a stand-alone application server for customers with 19” rack focus who need dedicated application servers and for Server farms in scale-out or ISP environments.
With two Dual-Core AMD Opteron™ processors of the 2000 series and up to 16 Gbytes DDR2-667 direct addressable memory, the PRIMERGY Econel 230R S1 matches your application requirements perfectly. Therefore the PRIMERGY Econel 230R S1 with up to six “easy change” SATA or optional hot-plug SAS or SATA hard disks in combination with onboard disk mirroring function and sufficient free PCI slots for heavy I/O requirements, provides you with a budget saving platform.
Key featuresBenefits
AMD Opteron™ processors of the 2000 series with Dual-Core AMD64Technology and up to 2x 1 MB SLC for convincing performanceWith AMD Opteron the processor gives the company a way to ease into 64-bit computing, as soon as the individual need of the application comes up: Dual-Core offers double CPU performance within one socket. Nearly 4-way performance with two Dual-Core processors is a real benefit for high performance computing.
Up to 6x 500 GB “easy change” SATA hard disks or 6x hot-plug SATA or 6x 300 GB hot-plug SAS option, up to 16 GB memory, 4 PCIe / PCI-X slots, 2 U housingEnhanced computing power on compact space, fast communication path through usage of PCI-Express
Integrated RAID 0, 1, 1E, LEDs, iRMC and ServerView Suite, optional RAID 5 (ZCR) Comfort and security for continuous operation
2 x Gbit/s Ethernet LANTop-speed communications link via LAN as standard will assure continuity in failover mode
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